"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do."

-- Anonymous

Colloco loves working with new businesses – with our marketing services we bring your fabulous ideas and big dreams to life.  

Setting up a new business is exciting and then at the same time extremely challenging. 

We have created an affordable start-up service package for you, payable upfront or in monthly payments.  

We have 20 years of marketing experience and everything we will do will be focused on your customer. Every word that’s written, all the design work will be with your end customer and your goals in mind. 

Our package includes:

Your brand – Colloco develop your brand, creating a consistent look and feel for your company across all customer touchpoints. We provide your business with fixed brand guidelines, to make sure your business always stands out and is memorable.

A logo – an attractive logo that reflects your company brand and purpose. It’s important to get this bit right.

Stationery – stationery templates and business cards (500 printed). 

Website - a beautiful, fully functional website – a maximum of 10 pages. This includes the design, copy that sells, high-quality images and professional photography that reflect the quality and purpose of your business. 

This website will be designed to an inch of its life to sell what you are offering. This is where we’re good and we’ll get this right for your business.  It’ll make a huge difference in the long term.

SEO – Search engine optimization comes with all our packages. It’s crucial in this day and age, it’s an ongoing task that most people don’t get right.  

Video – one short 2-3 minute video will be provided to sell your business. Video is a great way of connecting with your customers and showing them what you have to offer. This is a key part of our package and will be used throughout the marketing for your business. 

Social media - we set up your social media presence (three platforms). This means your platforms will look professionally made, all to brand and all designed to sell to your target audience. We provide guidelines for strategy and to ensure you stick to your brand. We will also provide you with one post per week.

A brochure design (3-5 pages). We provide you with a concise influential sales brochure that sums up your business perfectly and gets buy-in from your customer. Every business needs a professionally designed sales brochure they can send to customers or print out.  This brochure can be emailed or printed.  Photography is provided. 

Ads – we provide five beautifully designed ads for your business to use as stories on Instagram and Facebook, to use in Facebook ads, to use as banners – or whatever you decide for your business. 

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Ryde,  Isle of Wight, 

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Speak to us: +443 33 303 4347

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