"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." Chris Grosser

With our Royal Marketing package, you’ll get the royal treatment.  This is the best package if you want to be seen and accelerate your business. 


This is for those looking not just to survive but to thrive during a downturn in the economy and put yourselves firmly ahead of the competition.


Now is NOT the time to take your foot off of the gas, this is what most businesses will be doing.  It’s time to reinvent what you offer, improve upon and adapt your marketing activity.


This option is great for companies looking to employ a Marketing Manager or Marketing Assistant - a total package for a manager and an assistant could cost anywhere from £45,000 to £75,000. The alternative economical option is to commission Colloco Marketing for a fixed fee every month for these services and you get a marketing department and studio to call upon who are ready to carry out exactly the same work at a small percentage of the cost.



​We start with a consultation – nothing scary or formal – purely and simply we talk to you about your business and your goals and dreams for your business.  

We listen to you from there on in we make sure we remain focused on your objectives at all times.  You set the pace and the targets. We’ll pick key areas to focus on, these will be areas where you want results. We believe where you place a positive focus for improvement, is where we get the results.

We then conduct quality research on your marketplace and customer profiling – so you understand your current marketplace, are aware of your competitors and have detailed customer profiles. Together we tailor everything we do for your desired customer. 

Then on a regular basis, you’ll get a report – this will be regular, structured updates on the progress of our marketing efforts and regular updates on competitors and customer trends. 

We will discuss these reports and decide where changes need to be made to get better results.  This is a continuous effort. 

This can all be done online with video call, conference line (Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Zoom) – whatever you are most comfortable with.  

We then share information over google drive, Microsoft One Drive or DropBox. 


Once we have held our consultation with you and carried out our research and customer profiling, we come back to you with a report on our approach. We provide you with our advice, present concepts, and a plan for how to tell your story and formulate our plan of attack.  This will be followed and adapted and optimised as we go along. 


Colloco will develop your brand, tell your story and create a consistent look and feel for your company across all customer touchpoints. We provide your business with fixed brand guidelines, to make sure your business always stands out and is memorable.

We design an attractive logo that reflects your company brand and purpose. It’s important to get this bit right.


Colloco provides you with stationery templates and business cards (500 printed).  To ensure you are on-point with your brand at all times.

We design you a company brochure, providing you with a concise influential sales brochure that summarises your business offering perfectly and gets buy-in from your customers or clients. Every business needs a professionally designed sales brochure they can send to customers or print out. This brochure can be emailed or printed, and we provide photography or edit your current photography.

We provide five beautifully designed ads for your business to use as stories on Instagram and Facebook, to use in Facebook ads, to use as banners – or whatever you decide for your business.


We provide creative, professional photography and videography that tells your story of you and your business perfectly to entice customers to contact you, buy from you or visit you.
We work with you to get this right and make sure your business stands out from the crowd. 

Good or bad, first impressions stick with people.  Their observations help them make their minds up about things, build beliefs about what they see. 

If your venue is presented with photographs or videos taken on your phone, it’s possible you’re getting poor composition, bad lighting, and often you’ll get pixelated images. 

That image is noted subconsciously by those who view your website or social media, maybe forming an opinion that your business is of poor quality. If that’s not the image you want to transmit to your customers, employing a professional photographer can positively facilitate those essential first impressions.


Colloco provide you with a brilliant showcase for your business, a fully functional website and this includes design that works, copy that sells and high-quality images and professional photography that reflects the quality and purpose of your business.

We provide you with a brilliant setting to present your business to the world with powerful content offering your visitors an enriching experience, influencing them to contact you and ultimately contact you, visit you and spend their money with you. This is where we’re good and we’ll get this right for your business. It’ll make a huge difference in the long term.



Search engine optimization comes with all our packages. It’s crucial in this day and age, it’s an ongoing task that most people don’t get right. Search Engine Optimization done well gets your hotel closer to the top positions in the search results of Google. With content writing, SEO and website optimisation we will ensure you get positive results.

We include:
•    Initial Search Engine Optimisation
•    Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation
•    Ongoing Web Hosting
•    Google Analytics Reports
•    Upcoming events published on your website.


We provide your business with a creative, organised and powerful social media campaign to project a strong image and engage with your customers in a positive way. we set up your social media presence (three platforms). This means your platforms will look professionally made, all to brand and all designed to sell to your target audience. We provide guidelines for strategy and to ensure you stick to your brand. We will also provide you with one post per week.

We design your ad campaigns, implement them (you set your budget) and then we regularly test to guarantees results.

We set up the communication with your customers and marketplace using the following methods. 
•    E-mail Campaigns
•    Press Releases
•    A monthly newsletter sent out to your email list.
•    A monthly blog post published on your website.


We consult with you regularly. We make changes, refine our approach where necessary and keep up the good work.


Added bonus:
•    Accountability for the marketing tasks you are committed to.
•    A monthly catch-up to help you stay on track.

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